Reviews for "Armed and Angelous"

oh my god

this is the best piece of art i have seen on this site ever! i love rage against the machine and i love this, this is goin straight to my favorites


can u add uncensored plus i see a bit of left nipple

Define censored

The overall art is great man, but censored? It's basically soft core porn, I'm sorry but it is. If I can't show this too my little sister, who is also an artist, then you might want to rethink your definition of "censored". But overall, great job and keep up the good work. ^_^

OzynO responds:

thanks for your voice!... I clicked on Mild for nudity. I belive is the right choice. remember that as an international website, the meaning of Mature content will vary depending on the culture. I urge you to check all movies, books, etc and judge by yourself if your little sister can see or read it.. then you make your decision and dont let a rating mark tell you what you can see or not. thanks again :)


Very interesting piece of work. Not many flaws though it would be cool if the cloth was see through so we could see the nipple.What? it's just a little detail! Nah I kid keep up the good work and congrats on the Frontpage!

Stellar work, minus a few flaws

Overall, the picture is fantastic and worthy of praise, but I noticed two particular areas that need improvement or fixing. First, the section of the cloth covering her hair is nearly transparent and I'm assuming that you intended it to be that way. If so, then the cloth covering her body should also be equal in transparency, but the opacity is too high and the effect is lost. Either the section covering her hair needs to be darkened or the section covering her body needs less opacity. Either way, both those sections need to match.

Second, the shadow on her face is well done save for the fact that the nasolabial fold, ( the crease which distinguishes the lip from the cheeks) is too high. It's above her nostril, but should begin at it's corner. Sorry for griping, but it's too good of a work to not show you where it needs fixing. Good job.

OzynO responds:

:) thanks for your voice.