Reviews for "Armed and Angelous"


ppl must not know good music, to all of you ppl complaining about the "Arm the homeless" its a reference to the band Rise Against. the lead singers guitar has tht same insignia, alsotheres an album by the same titlen and a song by the same title all by the same band lol :D there some clarity.

now on to the stellar art work. its amazing. would you clarify on what kind of tablet you did this with. im lookin into tablet and i dont wanna geta crappy bamboo lol. also could you pm me like idk instructions on how to format pics to fit on NG b/c i have loads of art tht i wanna put on my profile. please and thank you :D

OzynO responds:

I use a very old Intuos3 4x6 pen tablet by wacom. was really cheap since its an older model, i reckon it most be cheaper now. and ill be glad to help how ever i can. :) thanks for your input on the guitar quote, but I was quoting Tom Morello from Rage, But He was quoting Rise against. :)


Reminds me of the 60's man...

OzynO responds:

:D jajja


This has a very 60's rock kind of feel to it. I love every bit of this, in fact. It' s actually now my wallpaper on my iPod. Great work, man. Keep it up.

very nice

Arm means poor in German so it makes sense to me ;)
9 instead of 10 just cuz the nipple is the same color of her skin.

OzynO responds:



Awesome ! hope to see more of your work.!!. wink
love the colors .