Reviews for "Armed and Angelous"


Maybe it's just MY misinterpretation, but why would anyone give weapon or such to homeless? I mean... shouldn't it be food and some kind of roof or something? Shelter? hell make your home theirs, but don't give them weapons!

again. maybe it's just me. i'm kinda paranoïac.

I like your artwork. Colors are clean (maybe too clean), skin looks almost real. Nice appeal. Great matching with the font. The guitar is fantastic and the girl... *aherm* quite appealing!

Great touch. keep it going!

OzynO responds:

lmao.. No, give them weapons then they can take what they want.!!! hahaha... Is just a strategy, To say "To Arms!" it means to prepare... so it is meant in that sense. give them what they need to fight hunger etc.. Thanks for your voice.


Too great things Women and music =)

OzynO responds:

Sighs... don't forget desert, and the sensation you feel while you pee after a whole day of holding it while you are stuck in traffic..


why is it rate M all you can see is a little tit almost evey 8 year old has seen some

OzynO responds:

hey, this is an international website. so the Standards of what a "mature" material is would vary depending on the culture. (for example for a Muslim this is most-likely be XXX on there book) So im just keeping it safe for my peeps too. THANK U for your vote.


pink wannabe Tom Morello guitar?
also pretty corny picture
well done though

OzynO responds:

Thanks for your vote :D.

ps:Lol, Not wannabe, Just spreading his Message. We all should speack up. even if it is pink and corny.

hell yeah!

i'd love to have this as a poster on my wall, good shit man!