Reviews for "Perfect Kirby 3.2"


samus some whoopin ass!!!

Perfect flash movie

It is perfect flash movie about perfect Kirby, realy good 3 D animacions.
But there is somethink what I not understand,
If Kirby mission was to safe president than why he fough president security, at last it is not good to fight with soldiers on this same side, and if seciurity was in so high number and so good armored than why they could not stop this trailor, at last he is not good agent like Kirby and Inn so he could not pass defense.
And what metroids was doing in president plane.
If Kirby was able to defeat so many soldiers than why in next episode he was having trouble with stoping evil maniak, anyway fighting scenes was perfect.

good job again

great flash

Only reason they save bush.....

so they wont turn out like john!


but did you have to use twisted metal 4 theme whwn it said john and richie, its not original!