Reviews for "Perfect Kirby 3.2"

I found something

The rod of seasons Link is looking for is in the lab from the last episode. You can see it behind Kirby when he says "what a mess." and he makes fun of Neil.

you now what?

you now what you should have made kirby dress like a girl and since no one can see that hes a boy it would be funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps:the gaurds could fall in love with him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Thats Awesome!!!
And..... someone knows the name of the song where Samus Kirby and Ian fifht with the Sapce Pirates???


stop with all the"usless reviews"even if they like it.i mean,look:they like it,expressed there fellings and gave the submission and you bastard jerks give them a "usless review" felling.also,i bet if I hated it,you would give me a "helpful"felling OK?