Reviews for "Perfect Kirby 3.2"

what kirby dos with things

1.he press a few buttons 2.slams it 4 or 5 times 3.pulls it 4.trys to eat it

even though kirby receives some of the most advanced technology
he cant make it work right


epic fight scene
but the metroids lacth on to samus because samus' varia suit gives off a special kind of energy that attracts metroids so the metroid would have most likely gone after kirby

This should be on TV and youtube

Dude, Perfect Kirby should be on TV and youtube at the same time.



*Fav parts* - I like how to combat is put together is kinda realistic and also with the feat. of Samus kicking some ass (IM A BIG IME UBER METROID FAN) anyways it's really funny and great scenes and those epic moments (like that samus fight) they just pop out unlike other newground movies.

I'm not sure what to say.

This simply something I can not grade because it didn't really make me laugh much (I did like the penguin though). It might be it's type of comedy I dont like. It's like the Die hard/seinfield of Newgrounds.

I really tried my best to enjoy it fully and I do see you put alot of time into it and I commend you of it.

It just did not make me laugh at all very much.
Though I will say this, It's alot better than some stuff I've seen on newgrounds, It's just not my kind of comedy im sorry.