Reviews for "[TMM43] Ultimate Destruction"

Hey great!

Good work dude! But the melody reminds meh of a song....
I thing I heard those melodies before....anyways well done dude!

This is more like it!

This I liked. The intro is fat and promising, and the synth you use is one of my favorites for this genre tbfh:) When it all kicks off, I got a little suprised you went with break-beats - but hey, it worked. The intermission with the piano arpeggio and evolving melody was also quite good. The bass-line worked better with the intro however, but it was still a welcome addition when you added it this time too. Might have something to to with note-arrangement wich was a little more synced and jumpy with the bass-line in the intro. The only thing dragging this down is the lack of something new after the intermission, and a little short playtime. You have a great one here, though. Keep it up :)

4/5 and 8/10
- SkyMarshall Arts c",)

Very good!

I liked the intro more than the song though but what's really amazing abou this song is the middle part. I think it's magical.

Great song!

I really liked this song. You said it was a re-mix? Was this of an original you did or from somebody else? Just curious. Great song though.

Ultimately Nice

Despite a somewhat acoustically confused beginning, TMM43's 'Ultimate Destruction' turns out to demonstrate a fairly solid grasp of trance. Certain stylistic choices will surprise listeners accustomed to hearing more complex "wall of sound" techniques, as TMM43 opts to keep things minimal and focus on the primary voice alone - even to the point where the drum track is lacking for large portions of the song.

While this artistic choice is laudable, the unfortunate effect of minimalist composition combined with a typical slow-build technique and a very short track length is to leave the listener feeling that the song is incomplete. All in all, TMM43 shows promise, but this reviewer cannot help but feel that his style is more suited to eight-minute extended dance tracks than radio-length clips.