Reviews for "[TMM43] Ultimate Destruction"


The melody is the same as DJ-Martcore's "Next Generation"?


Fantastic song, I love it, keep up the good work!

Hey great!

Good work dude! But the melody reminds meh of a song....
I thing I heard those melodies before....anyways well done dude!

This is more like it!

This I liked. The intro is fat and promising, and the synth you use is one of my favorites for this genre tbfh:) When it all kicks off, I got a little suprised you went with break-beats - but hey, it worked. The intermission with the piano arpeggio and evolving melody was also quite good. The bass-line worked better with the intro however, but it was still a welcome addition when you added it this time too. Might have something to to with note-arrangement wich was a little more synced and jumpy with the bass-line in the intro. The only thing dragging this down is the lack of something new after the intermission, and a little short playtime. You have a great one here, though. Keep it up :)

4/5 and 8/10
- SkyMarshall Arts c",)

Very good!

I liked the intro more than the song though but what's really amazing abou this song is the middle part. I think it's magical.