Reviews for "[TMM43] Ultimate Destruction"

Its good...

Yes, its good, as expected from some one who's work is always on the top 30, but I know I've heard this same melody used many times, I don't know if it was you or not, but if you just used a different set of notes, than this would be an amazing techno song!


This has to be the first and best breaktrance I've seen on Newgrounds. Sure, it was made with MIDI & samples, but you know what, you made it sound fucking amazing. You're definately going to be going somewhere with this stuff.

I freaking love you.

~Zariah X-POSED~


dude Im really diggin this one.. I love the beginning and the melody... I love the beginning though.. only thing I c wrong is that the drums after ur buildup are a tad bit loud.. but other than that its golden... I love around 1:22 where it does some volumne swell work.. its nicely done.. good job on this one, u never cease to amaze me