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Reviews for "The Silent Ones"

i like it

how come your always drawing theys rock monster things are you making some kind of project?

Amazing just amazing

This Could Be A Movie.


good use of dark shading etc. and also nice theme

An outstanding depiction of a wandering giant

The design of the giants on the snowy wasteland truly gives the piece a great feeling of scale in comparison to the vast area they walk upon. The detail placed into the the rusting, decrepit armor that each of the colossi wear shows age very well and is visibly decaying. You can almost picture them walking across the vast snowy plains as they search for a place they can call their own.

The atmosphere is as thick as the hides of the beasts themselves. The icy winds lashing at the automatons as they traverse the tundra can give a genuine feeling of isolation and near hopelessness one would feel in a situation like this. Being stranded out in a massive blizzard with no where else to go but forward. The darkness of nightfall slowly shrouding itself around your group as the monstrous and menacing wail of the frigid gales add an even greater feeling of atmospheric dread and power that the storm can generate making even such colossal figures as these seem small and insignificant in the storm's wake. It really give a great feeling of immersion as if you are traveling alongside the giants toward an unknown destination. A massive plus in the atmospheric department.

The coloring and art style also deserves a mention as well. The use of icy blues and frigid whites as well as the drawing style used gives the picture a nice dynamic feeling. The scratched and damaged metal looks great through all the shrouded wind and fog and the brushed snow looks really nice.

As good as the piece looks, its not without flaws. For instance some of the pieces of metal don't look like they're falling off of the machines, but rather just hovering around the robot in midair and looks a bit tacky. Just erase some of those fragments and the piece should look great.

All that I have said about this piece on DeviantArt still stands strong. The piece is still loaded with quality and originality as well as showing a great display of artistic talent. Excellent work Keepwalking.



That is all