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Reviews for "The Silent Ones"

It's like Halo

The robot looks kind of faded due to the snow.

But this an excellent artwork!


I don't know what to say, but all I can understand right now is that I am in awe of your work.

Good job!

Another one!

I probably didn't like this as much as most people because I had seen this character before. Then again, I guess it could just be a similar design. It's great to see how well this character looks as he's going through this strange background. Frosty places are the perfect way to show how characters move around their environment. It seems like there's little bits of smoke coming from his body. I can't really tell if it's smoke or part of the landscape.

I love the sense that he's in this vast world. I can see the monks in the foreground, so I understand your author's comments. I like how the eyes look so ominous and they really contrast well with the dark design of the robotic monster. It almost looks like it could be a pokemon. Or maybe I've just seen too many art pieces with pokemon.

Thats big.

It has a shadow of the collosus feel to it. Do you do art for Magic cards? I'm just saying that this guy would make a pretty good creature.