Reviews for "Highway to Madness!"

well... this is the 4th time i see a female madness character

I can see why Krinkels liked this so much. It is pretty much a flawless picture, with fantastic images being shown and amazing color effects. It's about time someone showed off a female character in the Madness series! As I've never heard of a character there with breasts, I don't even know if that is her real nipples. There's an awesome amount of action going on in every part of this thing. I think my favorite parts are probably the lightning.

There's just so much detailed with the bullets and the crows in the air and everything. I can see why you're the #1 most prolific art reviewer here. It definitley takes a great artist to know one. You generally don't think of the cartoon as having a red tint, but this fits the bill perfectly. I can even see the rounds falling out of the helicopter. An insant classic!

Kill them all Hank! haahahhahahahahha

awsome pic wish you could make more and madness is badass

tits are great.