Reviews for "Highway to Madness!"

oh my this is soooo anwesome^^

my words cannot describe the awsomeness within this picture. frickin awsome dude. 6/5


this is filling my mind with o possibilities of what happens when they commute to work

Even the "Authors's Comments" is amazing

Easily one of the best artists on newgrounds and probably the internet. Its easy to see that you understand madness and portray it perfectly your artwork here. Your comments are refreshing and would sound great in a song. So thanks for the picture and comments.

A Mad World Indeed

You've captured the true beauty of the world of madness. Just a constant battle between evil and justice. So many bullets flying and always seeming to hit his targets perfectly whether he's looking or not. There's just too many great things about this picture to describe them all. An amazing job. I haven't seen anything from you, shad, that i haven't liked. I'd say keep up the good work, but i don't think you need me or anyone to tell you what to do. I know you won't disappoint.