Reviews for "Highway to Madness!"

You somehow put the thing that children arent allowed to see into this, while making this an epic battle. You good sir, are one great artist.

You, Sir, are amazing. I've sat here for the past 3 hours going through your illustrations, you have blown me away on mostly ALL of your drawings and with that I have rated most that I've viewed. I decided to post a review on this one simply because this, has turned you into my favorite NG artist. I've been a Madness fan ever since the boombox sat under the tree lol. What makes this so awesome is you portrayed Madness respectfully, the different head gear, the carnage, bullet slinging, blood splatter, even sticking with the red and black color scheme. You done all of this and still managed to put a "piece of you" into the scene, making a superb yet appropriate center piece that not only sticks out but blends beautifully. Oxymoron I know but somehow you achieved this and is the best way I can explain it. I thank you for this picture, and having the courage and knowledge of your skill to share it with not only NewGrounds but your own site aswell. I sincerely hope you succeed in all your goals in life, with talent like this aswell as the many other drawings of yours I haven't commented on, you deserve to be recognized. I can't wait to see your entire collection aswell as the future illustrations to come, don't be surprised if I end up adding almost all of your drawings to my favorites list lol. Kudos Sir, and may your artistry treat you well.

- Riggz Rukus

fuckinnnnnnnnng hank is the bosssssssssssssss

aaaaaaaaaa mulequi

beter art then actual madness ambulation...