Reviews for "Aura: story mode"


I have never reviewed a movie before, this one made me want to speak out to anyone who hasn't watched it yet - what are you waiting for?? Stop reading this and go watch it!! It's brill! When's the next bit comin'?


i had to watch it 2 times but i think i get it now.....that man didnt do anything, it was that motherfucking FLY thats killing everything EVIL not him.....almost like the fly is following this guy around and is framing him 4 everything. clever........AND I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOUR ART, TRULY AMAZING SHIT

Amazing again!

I am glad you stuck around to produce this second episode. This would make a great long term series and I hope there will be more to come in the following 'however-long-it-takes' ;) ... I will definatly be here to see it.


A pure masterpiece. This is the best serious flash movie i've EVER seen. It's pure noir goodness.


you've become loads better since the original aura, that's for sure! keep it up mate.