Reviews for "Pube Comedy"


Pube Muppet got JOKES. Y'all didn't know that!

Coleslaw-clock responds:


i will give a 3

just because its hilarious and because its pube muppet

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pardon me Ronald_MacK, WHAT WAS THAT?!!!

pubemuppet IS funny, if he wasn't, then he would have just been a fad that died out long ago. pubemuppet is a newgrounds classic, a character who cannot decide if or if not he is a heterosexual and claims to have a penis "the size of jupiter".

long live pubemuppet. may you rock newgrounds for years to come.

Coleslaw-clock responds:

Everything there is 100% true..!


Pube Muppet rocks! Graphics sucked ass but I laughed my ass off on the dialogue!

Coleslaw-clock responds:

hahahhehehehah fhefs y


why is PubeMuppte gay?