Reviews for "Pube Comedy"

that sucked!

that was one of the worst pieces of crap i've ever seen. infact everyone who has watched it have now lost some points off of thier valueable I.Q.

thank you for stupifying the world

Coleslaw-clock responds:

F U ! my friend

This flash is illegal.

This flash is technically considered child pornography. It does not matter that the video
part of the flash does not contain pornography. The audio makes this flash illegal. The whistle should have been blown on this submission.

You have been reported to the admins for a violation of the portal rules.

Coleslaw-clock responds:

Well, this isn't child pornography, unless you find the muppet be a kid..well it isn't! deal with it you forty year old psycho parental fuck!



Coleslaw-clock responds:

Your mother was blammed 2 days ago..still trying to get over that huh ?


well u are a very mest up little kid who apparently loves to have gay sex and sodomize little children =/ i didnt find it funny really... anybody can write about fucking some little kid but it takes skill for something to actualy be funny... Damn Pedophile


hmm shall i just just watch it it can't be that bad jes it really is that bad come on it is 1 picture and one stupid speaklite voice