Reviews for "Pube Comedy"

Damn you Pube Muppet!


Coleslaw-clock responds:

nananananan :D:D:D:

What kind of piece of shit establishment is this?

Sorry, but you missed two major things in almost every pube muppit episode, and you didn't replace them with anything better. You missed.

1) What kind of piece of shit establishment is this?

and a second person. Pube muppit has to interact with a specific person, or else it's ghey.

Sorry, but we don't have fivens for you.

Oh wait, I found the fiven, I stuck it up my ass.

Coleslaw-clock responds:

Well, 1st of all, I got sick of that old stuff...it wasn't really funny anymore....I wanted to make a different one,doesn't matter how the olders ones are...it's up to me what I make.. =D

Ignore the last guy!

okay... Making up for the extreme gayness of the other review. That was ok and it did not make me jack off. Nice graphics, it was average overall though.

Keep it up.

Coleslaw-clock responds:


not bad... but more animation required!

half of the commedy material you used was funny heh... the other one was filled with excessive 'colorful' language.. i'm talking like, every 2nd word being a swear word - wasn't really necessary... you need to animate 'pube muppet' more - make him/her/it do more stuff like at the least get the mouth moving and sync it in with him telling jokes & stuff; it's the flash portal, not the audio portal... it get's boring watching it, that's all - just constructive criticism

Coleslaw-clock responds:

wtf ? what are you like 50 ?...sorry I don't like parents who whine about it if they're kids watch some curse words cartoons...that's lame.And animation on "pube muppet" the character isn't required, he should not be animated.


I would like to review this movie but first i would like to do many things to you. I would like to start by ass fucking you with a curling iron then i would like to plug it in and open it up while 10 dirty mexicans piss all over you and in your mouth. I would then like to gouge out your eyes with one of those sporks you get at kentucky fried chicken and then make love to your skull while pissing and shitting all over the room. Yes that would be swell!

Coleslaw-clock responds:

Right.....why don't you make a pube muppet movie with these words ??