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Reviews for "The Lonely Hermit"


OK, a little sick, but this is actually a really good story... if you're insane. I'm glad I'm insane.

Aww. Maggots are so loyal.

I see that all the people who hate Edmund's work are also watching ALL of his movies. Did you notice that these buttgnomes also don't have the guts to leave their email address on their profiles? Get a life, you losers. Edmund, you are a fantastic flash artist and your graphics are awesome.

That was beautiful!

Sniff... beautiful... just beautiful... im glad you didn't kill the cute larpas or something, it was a beautiful story but... instead of something normal like in these storys you can read it was gross!


A flash in a comic book style.

Oh it was so cute

I love this story it is so cute to me. How he loves the maggets like sons. Oh and the sweet part was when the fly was all like wish granted. Oh how sweet. Good work Cat doctor. An to you people that said this was sick and disturbing: you suck I thought this was cute. Your all shit eaters. And FUCK YOU CoIin_Powell I am sick of seeing your fagget ass name I have seen it two times while reading the reviews and fankly thats to damn many. If you dont like it dont watch it go crawl in a hole and die please you have no room to talk. I looked at your profile and waht did i see no movies mad so shut up!!