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Reviews for "The Lonely Hermit"

very good

sick the hermit story but gruesome larva but good

good work

this is the best one of your flashes even though as the rest it was just as sick as the others. But what can i say you are who you want to be and no one can state their opinion only because they can't judge if they don't want to be judged right. what you should do for a next flash is something with like a satan ritual killing your blue baby make it interactive though. Even though you are a freak :i am too: i still say that was very good work

That was cool

That was the funniest thing but also the saddest keep up the good work.


It was okay. i really didn't like it. whatever

sickening, but refreshing.

pretty nasty, but cute:) its also nice that you made a movie that wasnt so shitty as other trailers and stupid shit like that. come on, why would you make a trailer? the movies ppl make w. trailers neva get finished anyways. stupid fucks.