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Reviews for "The Lonely Hermit"

why was it called a game?

a nice little story, and you made it with flash.
very good! very good! says the little splash khat. but still is one question that boggles my mind. why call it a game when its clearly a movie? (I ran out of rhymes. :P)


I liked it alot! I loved the poem! Awesome drawings as well! Keep up the good work!


I thought that it was good

This is what the world needs

More strong moral messages. Do what makes you happy. There's a real lesson to be learned here.

Kick Ass

For all you out there giving edmund bad votes and reviews. You don't know shit. Yes, the portal is for people who suck at flash (which includes me) but its ok for a good artist to come along and put shit here too. The only thing Edmund could use is a little background music,but dont knock his shit just cause of that. Edmund should be one of the top 5 of all time. And for people thinking he just makes little ones like this a little comic type thing with no animation... well your wrong, he does make animation ones and they kick ass! So check out his other ones before you say something. Peace out! or something...