Reviews for "/Super Mario Bros. Remix\"

One word...


I like the multitude of styles put into this. Give us more submissions like this.

mario is a legend again lol!

great work i love it so much!!!


skeet skeet skeet i just creamed those pants..

this is perfect, beggining makes you think hmm dont thank that bitch changed anything but once orchestra pops in its even better then orinal song, im not even fucking joking around this is so much better the original.

If they make a new mario they should use this or anyof the newgrounder flash people they should use this

audiosyncratic responds:

I wasn't expecting people to be so excited that they creamed their pants but...

Thanks Mate!

A great remix

I was loving the whole song from beginning to end even orchestral parts. in my mind i think that this one of the best remixs ive heard in a long time.

audiosyncratic responds:

Wooooooooo! Thanks

It was good at the beginning...

...but then the bass kicked in and it got even better! Epic remix for sure, great work! Keep this up!!

audiosyncratic responds:

Yay! Thanks