Reviews for "/Super Mario Bros. Remix\"


Loved the simplicity in the begging and the complicity towards the end! I love 1:38 where everything but the melody and strings just stops. That was epic. This is probably one of my favorate remixes ever, I literally see no room for improvement other than- make more of this! lol

awesome put this in a...

new video game!!!! this should really go into a new video game. i am a game creator and so if you need any new pointers,i would be glad to help u out! just write me back and ill be glad to help u out! im putting this in my favs!! i really injoy the trumpets and the ending beat!!!! thanks for this awesome remix man!! i hope to see more stuff like this in the future!!!

I love it

The best part has to be with the drums and the ....round yellow thing on a drum that gets hit and makes that sound xD "Forgot whats its called sorry"

Nice song




took a while to get to the good stuff but the good stuff was worth the wait, it progresses nicely. also it's nice to hear a fresh take on an old classic.