Reviews for "/Super Mario Bros. Remix\"

HOLY ****!!!!

I love this remix!!! ROCK ON!!! Well um, it's actually techno/pop/hip-hop/rock ain't it? Thought so...AWESOME

Havent heard a remix so perfectly put together.

What can I say. This is an epic piece of work. The simple little classic way of the intro makes you remeber of the old days of nintendo, then suddenly. WHOOOSH! Your thrown through a quick jump into the future of the series. The way the brass and wind instruments complement each other are none of other taste. I salute you for your hard work.


Koopa troopers galore, man. Good job. As a drummer, I am very pleased with the mix. Keep it up. :)


...let us just say i agree with the dude under this review.


Seriously god job this is something that really should go to the next super mario game! man that is good shit so are cupcakes those are good shit too but this is better because you dont have to puick to enjoy it again when it runs out unlike the last damn cupcake...i claim this super hostess remix!!!