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Reviews for "-Sunset-"


Never see you on messenger anymore, you don't submit metal...
Ok, who are you and what have you done with ROCKER!

Naw, I could tell this was you. haha. Excellent sound.
I was really waitin for you to bust this open with a rock drum kit, with a good driving beat.maybe throw some harmonica in there with it as well.
Then some kinda bon jovi ish vocals...haha. But really awesome.

I love the sound of your acoustic. You should do more with it.
Kick ass man.

Nice work.

I really liked it, hands down. If you want, give one of my songs a shot. I'd really like to hear a review from someone expierenced.

Very relaxing....

Good job on this. I never listen to Bluegrass ever before in my life but this has a very nice feeling to it. However, I this song reminds me more of summer than winter, but that's not important. I really like the birds in the backround. Overall good job, keep it up.

rocker206 responds:

haha...I just realized that myself.It probably would've made more sense to the song to call it summer sunset but I was desperate to quickly think of a name and I chose the first thing I saw...which was a sunset...and its winter. Anyways thanks for the review, glad you liked the song