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Reviews for "-Sunset-"

great job man

that was awesome dude, full of life. keep up the great work

This is on awesome song!

Beauty beyond words.

It is amazing!!!!

I can't get enough and i want more.

It is just pure music and it touches my heart and my feelings just like all good songs should.

I must thank you for what you have done because it helped me.

This song truely touched my heart and my soul, so my thanks to you.

Cool hippie music

This is pretty good. Not "LOL THIS MOST AWSOME!" but still good.

Friends at a festival

that's what this makes me think of. A group of friends brought together by hardship find time to go to a festival and a playful fight develops (~0:49) which then develops into something much greater (~1:17). simply beautiful, 5/5 10/10 +download and favorite!


Was I the only one who thought of Trigun?