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Reviews for "-Sunset-"

wow nice

im not the bigest fan of bluegrass but you had submited it so i just had to check it out and this is good it realy pulls you into the music and make you feel it.

and enjoy i did

wow what arent you good at?
the beginning sounds like the intro to another song. "don't" by sysak. after that it kinda sounded like hippy citar music. i wouldnt really call it blues until about 0:50. i did like it though. after that it sounded like upbeat southern music especially towards the end.


made me feel in an open plane seeing my girlfreind there laying down on the grass looking at the town

That was good

I, personally, always loved bluegrass, But, No offence, That wasnt the best in the world, but, it was definitely worth listening to.


I really enjoyed this piece of music, the visual was good too (although I don't get why at the end the guy didn't have a smiley face). I thought the music was sweet and folky, keep working on it (and do the same style of stuff, you're good at it!)