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Reviews for "Ducktales: The Auditions"

Fart jokes never get old

Burst me fart pipes!


It was a very funny movie, overall, and I liked the campy 80s song from Transformers the movie being included, but one thing I have to ask is where is the bloody Ducktales theme song? I watched both of your Ducktales movies and it did not appear once. I marked you down 4 points in sound and 1 point overall for not putting in this classic cartoon theme. Also, work on your Scottish accent...you could've probably found a wav with Scrooge and Glomgold's voices.

Macaroni-Penguin responds:

I tried to tape their voices off the TV, but everytime Scrooge said "I curse Swedish Fish on you," the recording would get screwed up and sound like crap.


That´s was really funny movie!
But what did u mean with "I curse Swedish fish on you?"
U See, I´am from Sweden...
Keep up with the good work!

Macaroni-Penguin responds:

"Swedish fish" is a gummy candy I like to eat. It's not much of a curse, but I guess in some parellel universe, they'd probably be the most dangerous weapons in the universe.


That was fun... and the photo part in the ending was the best. Keep up the good work

lol great

but the best part had to be the photo's in the credits, great work :D