Reviews for "LXG in 15 Minutes"


You must have ripped every mistake the movie made! This does deserve front page and top of the line in the statistics for a long time to come. Simply amazing. You followed the odd storyline well. Indeed it was LXG in 15 minutes!

Alsmost legendary frog funny!

The movie is up there with the big ones like the return of ganadorf and retarted animal babies. I hope to see more of your work soon! This dserves the front page!

wow i mean......wow

you really have to watch LXG to understand it but if you did that would be probably one of the funniest things on newgrounds just improve yer art a bit and you will be the biggest thing on newgrounds

Afro-Ninja responds:

I don't get people complaining about my art... I can draw perfectly fine in flash, go watch "Installing a CD burner." If I were to draw good art for the span of this 15 minute movie I would have never completed it...

Havn't laughed that hard since Charlies Angels 2

Oh God that was funny. And I actually liked LXG!
But man you cracked me up very very much so, you are a funny man, and probably an adequate ninja.
Seriously though, I laughed my ass off at all the plot holes you pointed out. I was dyin while dorian grey was, that was one holarious parody.



I dont really like this, but maybe it is cause ive never really seen LXG. So i wont judge the plot. The jokes wasn't really funny either (Since i haven't seen LXG i hope). Somehow i did not really like the graphics either. The movie still deserves a 5 since i haven't seen the real one. If you improve in the "art" part, your movies probably would be great. And yes, sorry about my bad english. Not easy to be young and live in sweden :).