Reviews for "King DeDeDe On E"


your right farhzeug its kirbies. still great

very good song.

Actually, this song isn't king dededes... or am i yust wrong? but it's a good anyway, maybe you have king dededes song on super smash bros brawl? listen to it there, it sounds different. or maybe the song has changed through the years, idk

:D :D :D

This just made my gaming sesh totally epic! i love this! 10/10


get chyo rave on wit duh de de de!! lol
had to say that,
love your work on this!

I like it

I really like this song but i feel it would be better if you used a different synth for the intro and raised the volume of the main synth during the rest of it so when the main part started it would be more powerful.