Reviews for "King DeDeDe On E"


rlly cool tha remix

Great song

Love the remix. It has some new touches with some old ones as well. 1902718479174891731903/10

Decent remix.

I liked it. Definitely a step in the right direction concerning "original touch". Keep it up.

And Gowgows is actually right. It's the Fountain of Dreams, you just happen to fight DeDeDe there. The SSB series translated it that way, too, and since HAL had alot of influence on those I'm sure that's the way it's supposed to be.

I guess we can let this pass as "Dedede's Theme from Nightmare in Dreamland" because discussing it any further would be too silly. Amirite?

Gowgows L2Kirby

This IS King DeDeDe's theme...
Go play Nightmare in Dreamland.

Good song though.

Wrong song

This is the fountain of dreams theme, not dedede's yes i just showed how pathetic i am right there, but still its a great song