Reviews for "King DeDeDe On E"



No Dedede? Of course it is!

This is awesome work! This may be Gourmet Race (or Nightmare in Dreamland, whatever you prefer), but that also is still one of Dedede's themes. Great job, EliteFerrex, sounds awesome!

As others have said, no Dedede's theme

Though, this is his theme in Nightmare in Dreamland, but... now, it's considered to simply be the Fountain of Dreams theme. Anyway... still pretty kickass. Fountain of Dreams actually happens to be one of my favorite themes.

Pretty Awesome.

This isn't DeDeDe's theme, it's gourmet race. But it's still good.

Hmmm.... not DeDeDe's music

This song is actually Gourmet Race. However, it is the Nightmare in Dreamland version, where you face King Dedede at the end. Anyway, point being, this is a great version of the Fountain of Dreams music.