Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 1"

i notced something about mitey.

he looks like a combinatio of knuckles hair\head,sadows body,tails ears[kinda],and sonics shoes! i know what animal he is but he looks like a combo of four characters



go knuckles!

graphics: can't go wrong w/ sprites

style: sprite flashes rule and knuckles as the main character is tight

sound: not music i would listen to but it went well w/ the video i suppose

interactivity: finding those trophey thingys is pretty cool

humor: everything was funny from when knuckles's outhouse was destroyed to mighty being drunk to ganondwarf taking the triforce!

I really like your series, and so does my brother.

We've watched every episode from 1-9. My bro and I really hope you make Ep.10!

I love this series!!!!

I've been a fan of this series since there were only 4 eps, please finish the series! All the shows on TV are, be like them.