Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 1"


When you find the first trophy, the song that plays is Superman by Goldfinger! It's from Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1(Sped up tho')! I thought I heard it somewhere.

dat was good

dat waz reel gewd
fukkin funny

Lol! Mighty was WAY 2 WASTED!

Hah! Mighty payed that Bartendar with Visa! Lol! The guy in the green dress was so motherfucking gay!

Giod shit man! Good work on Tikal too, except she is Red, not Gold.

4-year-old and still funny.

I haven't seen this in a long time. Nether the less, it made me laugh. This is my favorite series here on NG (even though I seriously doubt it'll ever be finished).

When I first watched this (when ever the hell that was), I knew nothing about spriting or flash making. Even though I still know nothing about flash making, I've become a spriter. So I can tell you went the extra mile on a lot of parts, which you really don't see too often. You'll forever remain my fraorite flash artist.

long time to load

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