Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 1"


That was AWESOME!!!!111!!!11one11!!1 But then again, all of your flashes are!! ^.^ Where did u get the sprite sheets?

this was a good flash

it was funny when might always gets unk andbreaks in to knuckles(out of all ppl y did u make that kidnapper hiei)


OMG ROFL LMAO that was sooo funny...I liked it when they put Mighty's hand in water LOL!

Funny but,

Y did U make Knux's bathroom B an outhouse?? And I highly doubt chao fruit would taste too good to Anthromorphic critters.


i have seen all your other flashes and they own! and like the other guy said when is 10 coming out? great flash but if u add voices it would be probably worthy enough for front page! i couldnt find the password could u please tell me it???? anyways great flash and i hope the next one will be even more funny. damn pikachu..