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Reviews for "The Most Dangerous Game"

Tee hee!

That was great! ^_^ I want to see moooooore! =D


HA!! That was funny i liked that i can't wait to see the next show...hehehe and i thought that making the adunice pick what happens was a clever idea!!! Keep up the good work!



"I pooped my pants..." I laugh every time! You rock Jason! Can I have your autograph?

Simply lovely

This is really good! Quality stuff! The humor is to laugh your ass off, the graphics are perfectly cartoony, the voices are lovely stereotypical, and, as a Dune-fan, I love the Kwisatz Haderach en the Eyes of Ibad-stuff.
Love you, my man! Love you!

Out of respect for Flash I sat through it all....

Too slow...too long...to boring...not funny...