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Reviews for "The Most Dangerous Game"


Phantasm and Dune in one package. Funny Funny.

haha man great shit.

That was pretty funny, although it was hard to understand the robot, and the hulk. lol nah yeah im kidding, but it was hard to understand the two. I loved the Phantasm reference. I have no idea where the alternate ending came from.

a question asked..

can u tell me were u got the voice for Stephen Hawking?
(plz answer)

lol omfg

i always wondered what kind of flash it would take to beat Magical Trevor in the daily first, so i did a little looking around and found this here flash. The Flash That Beat Magical Trevor For Daily First. hehe.

mad jokes, man. this flash is hilarious. what movie was that sphere thing from? Phantasm or something? lol that was awesome. and steven hawking when he says "you have no chance for survive make your time" hahahah. yeah, this totally owns Magical Trevor. awesome job.

Funny!!! :-)

That was good. (just like all ur flashes i've seen!!)