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Reviews for "The Most Dangerous Game"

This was

the first thing i ever watched on newgrounds long long be4 i made this account good one

Possibly the funniest flash I've seen this year.

Heh heh... All your base quotes. That was legendary. You rock dude.

"You have no chance to survive make your time"

all your base are belong to us! LMAO! omfg this flash was the best! it's going in my favorites list. woot!

So thats where this has been...

I watched this soooo long ago musta been 4 or 3 years ago?! And i have been wondering who the author of this was, and wondering where it is. You are a living legend!

Dune is the spice bomb

I AM THE QUWSATCH HEDIRACT!OR WHOEVER PAUL MAUD'IB spells it..that movie was nothing compared to the book