Reviews for "Operation: Evolution"

Altough I just heard about this person DimRain47 as of March, 2017 and heard she stopped making music as of 2012 to become a music teacher. I still became a fan of of this dimrain and well listin to all of her great tracks that concured Newgrounds it self and may still to this day. She was consiterd a god to the NG community and still is to day even in 100 years from now. Dimrain had a real talent for producing this god like music and I say if she still posted this god like music to Newgrounds and worked for a company she would definitely would of changed the world.


Amazing! :D

I wish you were still here on Newgrounds to make awesome music, but everything has to end sometime ;3;

Every step in the journey of life brings about new experiences and insights, integrated with the lessons learned from and taught by history, and the experiences of many others who have embarked on this journey...

https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/717224 Piano arrangement for this masterpiece!

Now, the Asian father says, "GO PLAY DUH PIANO FOR DUH 5 MOAR HOUR!"

This song is a masterpiece... I love it so much. The only thing I don't like much is that the beginning starts too fast. Otherwise, it is beautiful. It is crazy a human mad this song, you truly are a god of music...

Una obra maestra... O_o
Es "algo" ASOMBROSO al escuchar... Dije "algo"... QUISE DECIR "DELIRANTE-MENTE!!!
E-es alucinante...!
Es loco...!
Te darĂ­a 6 estrellas bro!.