Reviews for "Operation: Evolution"

Makes me get a different perspective of lsongs. It also reminds me of space ya know? :P

This song brings me back to USSR. Like dis very much)))

Oh, all the nostalgia and memories...
Still one of my most favourite songs.
This brings back great memories, it's a really great song...

This is some amazing Happy Hardcore! Happy Hardcore is really good,but DimRain47 shines as bright as my 5 stars.

This song I didn't really like at first, But I love it so much now! One of the best songs uploaded on NG ever! The beginning is beautiful and then from 2:15 it takes a pretty different tone and I love it, artists very often ruin a song by changing the tone, you don't.
every second is worth appreciating and every melody worth remembering.
Thank you dimrain47 for this song :)