Reviews for "-The Monster-"

Just me again

I've been going from one of you're claymations to the next, just watching and rating each of them...I'm going on a rampage, stop me before its too late!...anywho, I think you've got some huge talent, you could make a living out of this if you wanted to, that is, if anyone needs a claymator (If that's not a word, I'm coining it right now! =) ) as of this moment, but I think maybe you could make you're own buissness or something online if you really wanted to, well, great job on the animations, I'll look forward to more after I greedily watch all of the ones you've already made within the course of two days, =P lol

toxicbomb responds:

Hahaha So far I think you are the coolest reviewer! Man, to have a company.... that would be cool. Maybe actually. I mean, i have a chance, im already making clay movies and im 16 so... yeah that would be great. Haha thanks for reviewing this! I hope to see more reviews from you! later Nameless for whome I should now call 88! (if I remember)


that was great really great i can tell you put hard work into it! but i have a question do you no where i can figure out how to make claymation i have an idea but i want to no more. at first you told me to go to your site but it did not work it was a dead link. anyways great work ur the best

toxicbomb responds:

Its really hard to explain to everyone how to make a clay animation. I would suggest going to google.com and searching for it. Thanks for your review and the 10!!! :)

I agree

You could make your own claymation studio! I would donate all my money to it and fill out a aplication! lol

toxicbomb responds:

lol that would be uhh... weird. You can send me money though ;) haha thanks for the 10!!!


HEY I GOT THE MOSTER PPPHH PPHHH AH HA HAHAHAHAHAHA OK im back what are we looking at? [..] cool i HIC give u HIC a 10 phh phh pphh AH HAHAHAHAHAHA ! O

This was Good

Yay Claymation . This was very good well done.
How long did it take to make?

toxicbomb responds:

A few hours :x :D Thanks!