Reviews for "-The Monster-"

I agree

You could make your own claymation studio! I would donate all my money to it and fill out a aplication! lol

toxicbomb responds:

lol that would be uhh... weird. You can send me money though ;) haha thanks for the 10!!!


i loved it especially the monster. it looked a bit like the enemy's in oddworld munch's odysee. very cool

Good work

Funny, I liked it when the monster ripped off that guys head and ate it.

please write back to me about this:

what clay plasticine do you use

i was gonna get some

from maybe one of the below

put www in 1st space of web address and co in 2nd and uk in 3rd:

.artthings. . /products.php?cat_id=299
.yorkshireartstore. . /plasticene.htm


HEY I GOT THE MOSTER PPPHH PPHHH AH HA HAHAHAHAHAHA OK im back what are we looking at? [..] cool i HIC give u HIC a 10 phh phh pphh AH HAHAHAHAHAHA ! O