Reviews for "-The Monster-"

i dont like claymations

but this was good

toxicbomb responds:

Thanks a lot!

Hey man...

Is that a pet monster you got there? Woah, how did you amke those things move? They must be living creatures. Oh my god.

toxicbomb responds:

Haha, well... when i actually moved him, he stayed together with wires. :-)


uh its okay.

toxicbomb responds:

lol thanks.


it was funny when the monster ate the guy but the ending needed work. try again for an almost certain 10! you have gotten the fps done.

This was another decent cartoon. I admit it's not great. It comes off as disorganized. I still praise it for being unique. That was a pretty weird loading screen. I mean, it's not bad, it's just something I wouldn't expect in something like this.

It's easy to identify your work. I like the colors. While not as good as Knox, you are still just fine. The blood effect is pretty funny. Yeah, it probably could have been longer.

toxicbomb responds:

Thanks! Yeah, everything I did back then was hardly organized, pretty funny.

The method I used to take pics was pretty funny, I hooked up a second mouse I think, or maybe it was the main mouse and I did it all in one go, but I molded a big glob of clay around the mouse so it wouldn't move off the button on my computer that took the pictures, so when I was ready to take a picture I didn't have to grab the mouse and move it back to the button if it got bumped or something. :)