Reviews for "Final Destination [Hafdwn Mix]"

not what i expected......

And gladly so.... This is a stunning peice of work, so much so that i think i want to play artound with them on my mp3 mixer, as i think i have some stuff that i can do the opening piano over... cutting out the other song at around 56 would provide just the right kind of break.

I love this, the quality of it is stunning, and that bass-line gives me goosebumps... not usre if its the sample your using or just the combination of notes....

I'll keep my Eyes open for A-New_decades mix CD. Great work..


that's what this song is about. just one question though. in PF:RPG I heard a diferrent version of this. it's the same but in a higher tone & there's a short distortion near the end. is there another mix besides this and your other one?

Ivan-Ether responds:

I have like 2 other mixes of this song, look on the list of songs I have.

The one you probably heard was at the end boss, right? That was Defraction, another piece I have yet to finish.


Yes this music is so smooth and relaxing, better turn it off before i fall asleep :)

Excelent Smooth-Relaxing Music well made!

This music is so smooth , so relaxing to listen. It was well incorporated in the last Boss Fight in the Flash Game title: PhrozenFlame RPG. I keep forward looking for your future entries in Music. I put this song on my favorites as well too , I put you in my favorite artist list! Excelent masterpiece Ivan-Ether!

Votes: 10 stars. and
5/5= Respect!.

sheet music

PM me too, then =D

Ivan-Ether responds:

sure (: