Reviews for "Final Destination [Hafdwn Mix]"

It's mixing like this that puts my songs to shame

As an amateur composer I'm hoping one day to be able to blend elements like this - piano, drums with some bass, even a synth and some choir-ish backdrop.

I gotta say this was a feat, even if I don't dig the composition a whole lot. Props.

man really... great work

this is one of my favorite songs i have found on newgrounds

im not a musician myself but the piano is well played and placed and the transition from the piano into the DaB beat was extremly smooth, but brings u into the high pace part of the drums and bass. you made the piano fit perfectly throught the whole song which i really dont see much in techno.

great work 10/10 5/5

Absolutely RESPECT for this!!

Nice one!!




they should have used this in brawl, this is not bad on music, it is kind of catchy also a little bit