Reviews for "Final Destination [Hafdwn Mix]"

good but long in the beginning

i agree wih prog17 the piano was to long but good audio you should make more

yes found it

ever since i played Phrozenflame ive been trying to find this song from the last battle and now ive found it

simply amazing

i love your piano work. just beautiful. the balance between the piano synths and drums are so simple yet just so beautiful and complex at the same time. you did an amazing job on this man i can only wish my piano work will be this good someday. this is really pushing the envelope man. id love to burn this to a CD and drop it at one of the local clubs i think itd really blow people away. a masterpiece meistro!

have to agree with prismo

the piano might have been just too long (there's a line between good and overkill). On the plus side I loved how the actual song snuck in gradually. It made for an overall nice piece of audio but it might have been just too much piano for me at least.

heck yesss