Reviews for "MegaMan/X:Final Battle 3"

to be continued.

i hate "to be continued." just leave the plot line open dammit.

yay protoman

yay protoman

wow that was cool

megamans a hater...x' is awesome...this video is awesome...you are awesome :D

Really good movie.

I liked how Megaman was making fun of X. In Megaman X4, Magma Dragoon actual attacks were moves from Street Fighter. He's pretty hard to beat in the game.


Great, i cant believe you have continuedthis series the way you have, i couldnt have asked for a more action packed and funny way!, ok now i have to say this to you as this has to be my favourite part about your flash series so far, the way you animate the fighting scenes are brilliant. Overall another good episode, i didnt mind the text that much this time around either.

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