Reviews for "MegaMan/X:Final Battle 3"

Nice one....

hehe nice movie if u are a megaman lover u will sure like it =)


I thought it was the best in the series. I mean Megaman and X separated, and X faced a guy he never faced before and Megaman faced a guy he never faced before. It's cool. I mean in the second one Megaman took out Astroman (but Megaman and Astroman met once before) and also X took out Mattrex (but X and Mattrex met once before) so having Magma Dragoon face Megaman and Clownman face X was pure genious. Nice addition of Protoman in the end. Will you add Red Zero in part 4?

CheveLoco responds:

heheh i know..i wanted to try something different..i think most of u liked it


It was decient. But I love the way you put the spotlite on the damn X overpower thing. Uhgn... And Bass.. (Forte is better name) was awesome. I wonder what could happen next. *Predicts*

even al pichino would like this



I love mega man X and the series and I think this was an awesome movie man keep up the good work and I thought megamans attitude was funny/

good job


CheveLoco responds:

hehe yeah i want them to be different