Reviews for "MegaMan/X:Final Battle 3"

Few Flaws...

Okay, i like what you did and I saw all 3 so far but I gotta say...2 megamans? thats stupid...Why did't you make ProtoMan be his sidekick the entire time? And the regular Megaman complains like a bitch the entire time...God thats annoying

CheveLoco responds:

calm down...u should just get flash and do something better...


Man, your on a Roll! (pun intended) How do you Pump these out so quick, yet the Flash is STILL good?

Are the Flash Pixies working for you?

Oh, and nice addition of Blues, whenever I saw the shot, I whistled the Blues whistle. Mysterious + Coolness + Shades = BLUES!

CheveLoco responds:

well yeah it seems like its working way better than i thought...

if possible i'd give this one a 20!

holy crap this series is freakin awesome!i love all the great songs and sounds that are here!keep going i wanna see more of megaman and x!

CheveLoco responds:

i'm working hard on the next episode


Your skills are too good. way too good. seriously, you take less than 5 days to make a new animation, and your animation is very solid. the graphics are awesome, the music is kick ass, and you put Blues/Proto Man in. (My favorite MM character) Keep up the great work, and finish the next one quick!

PS: -That Maveric MM fought reminds me of.....TROGDOR, THE BURNINATOR!!-
PSS: only some people would get that.

CheveLoco responds:

hahahahaha trogdor...that one's funny

Mega Man is DEAD! Its time for something new.

It gets boring after watching it for like 2 minutes. Everybody knows mega man and it sucks now!

CheveLoco responds:

why is that people below 16 can't come up with constructive reviews?..we'll see how u do when u first submit a movie