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Reviews for "Deep Fried, Live! #7"

it sucked

it was too long, boring, and beer chicken wtf! try to add different humor to it because thats just not good enough.


When will the next one come out?


I love Deep Fried Live! Its one of the best flash in newgrounds and its my favorite. Can you give me the recipe for the Blue Gleeb Sauce? I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

That is so funny

its really good that they are real receipe to.

Great job, keep it up!

It's about time someone created a flash series didicated to teaching "Generation Net" simple life skills. Without them, corporations will provide instant food in higher and higher quantities until at last we get all our food from UNIPLEX(tm) FEEDOTRON 4000 machines which give us little cubes for a buck twenty five a pop, each containing a daily supply of calories and the correct hormone balance to make you think it tastes like chicken!

Ahem... uh... sorry bout the ranting... I do that. I know I gave this movie a lower rating than most people, but I don't give 10's easily, it is my frequently challenged that nothing is perfect! Though this series definately gets points for being the most interactive I've seen outside of the games (It even beats a few of the games).

A modest suggestion, though it isn't exactly what chefs do, you might want to do a show about mixed drinks. If you don't think that's important, you must still have the lining in your mouth! Hang on to that. It's more important than your room mate says!